A man or woman in the mode of business, business savy. Or dressing professionally.
The pangle man started his own business; They run the company, they are pangle people. That suit looks very pangle.
by chazstone November 15, 2019
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(Noun): The angle at which one sucks their own penis.

(Verb): The act of sucking off oneself.

(Noun): Addison.
Ex: Hey what pangle do you normally use?

Well, if it's a SUNDAY, I usually suck at about 35°.

Ex: Sometimes I pangle myself when I'm bored.
by Qwertywow123! June 24, 2020
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No, suck my pangle, go home.

Yeah man, she definitely wants my pangle.
by mac12341 January 11, 2010
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I was sitting with my boyfriend on the couch when he got a smirk on his face started to pangle me by shoving his hands down my pants trying to get me to giz.
by eatmorchiken October 4, 2008
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(verb) to move in a way similar to a pangolin; crawling for a few steps and then rolling, and then crawling again
by poisonedfang February 15, 2023
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Short for "pee-angle" - the angle at which you direct urine while peeing at a urinal. Used to minimize amount of urine that bounces back onto your pants.
Dude, you fucked up the pangle! Look at all the piss on your shoes!

Optimal pangle, minimum piss.
by richard pennywright October 19, 2013
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The padding motion a cat makes with its paws just before it decides to sit/lie down. In humans: the motions one makes to achieve a comfortable position for example on the sofa or in bed

V. - to pangle = to rub against someone/something (consciously or unconsciously) to achieve a state of comfort
Boy: 'for fuck's sake stop pangling, I'm trying to sleep'
Girl: 'but I thought you liked it when I pangle...'
Boy: 'yeah well I lied didn't I?!'
Girl: 'I just don't know you any more' *weeps gently into pillow*
by freshprince202 June 1, 2011
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