Pam pam a is a discreet way to tell your child that they are going to get a smack when in a public area.

Created by Malcolm J Miller
'Do you want Pam pam?'

'Youre going to get Pam pam'
by M J Miller June 4, 2018
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To never show up to a group event. To always have something else planned that prevents you from joining your loyal crew. To flake out.
Nick is notorious for 'Pamming'. He never shows up for happy hours.
by stranzironi February 21, 2013
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The act of being in an accident where something inadvertantly is destroyed
When she pressed the accelerator instead of the break, the garage door was #pammed. It was completely destroyed.
by Cozy107 November 19, 2018
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Pams tend to be very outgoing, long haired , funny people. They can always make you smile and are the kind of friends that you can never get mad at. And of course Pams are the type of people you can tell all your problems to! :
Pam mango
by Patalla (El Patel) March 9, 2009
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the nonstick cooking spray, duh everyone knows that
Yo ass betta put some Pam on dem brownies or day gonna stick to yo pan.
by Jesus August 4, 2004
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An really funny person who doesn't have to do much to make you laugh. She is only close with a few people, but will do anything for those lucky individuals. She has a softer beauty. She always has amazingly natural colored hair, such as a vibrant red. She also has amazing eyes. Sometimes it takes a lot for her to open up to you, but if you find a lot in common she will like you. She doesn't really need much socially and often pleased by simple things like food and tumblr. She can get distracted very easily but if she actually tries school can be really smart; she also has a huge procrastination issue. Pam is a rare person and often has a "spicy" personality.
Doodlelou: Wow is that Pam.

Country Winds: Yeah it is. Im so jealous even when her hair is gross it is pretty. UGGGG!
Doodlelou: She reminds me of Ed Sheeran.
Country Winds: Ya she does also her personalty reminds my of "Spicy."
Doodleou: "Spicy?" well maybe she can be Spicy ed.
by Mama Zazzy October 9, 2013
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