A great man, born to this earth with one purpose, to be awesome. He is currently successful in this mission, but some fools like "Nishaans" and "Nathaniels" keep getting in the way . Too bad they're fucking retarded.
How to use in a sentence :
- I wish i was like Pall
- Don't make me call Pall
by somerandomdudeeee May 14, 2011
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*verb* pronounced paul-d

1. To completely own someone, in every aspect possible.
2. To consistently prove someone wrong time and time again.
3. Complete and utter humiliation of an opponent who does not understand when he/she is wrong.
4. To mean 10 times great of ownage that moded
1. Milo: "Dude, the Romertionary is as legit as the Urban Dictionary.
Kerp: "Damn, Conner just got palled!"

2. Text message "I had a chance to have a three some the other day. I couldn't because I'm dating someone"
3. Milo: Wow, I can't believe I just got that text. He got palled.
by The Tang Bang Crew May 15, 2008
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Round,scruffy nuts found on Italian men in their mutande.
My sweet, you have nice furry palle!
by Castagna August 9, 2003
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Literally used to describe parts of male organs balls. Slur word in italian language.
1) palle = can also mean a small ball kids play with
2) ce palle = means this really sucks
3) rompi-palle = someone which breaks your balls (is extremely annoying)
4) pinko-palle = a less offensive form of fuck
5) The car died on me again, palle.
by TomJones May 16, 2007
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When a guy rub his balls against a tree.
Dude, dont use that tree to palle
by Benzin Franklinz February 28, 2014
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in italian, it means you are really bothered by a situation or a person.
devo finire questo lavoro prima di sera, che palle.
che palle, non posso uscire.
che palle di uomo.
by mmmmakedamnsure April 22, 2010
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The cigarette old men smoke when they have grown weary of this hackneyed life that has forgotten all about them for a world of neon lights and plastic imports.
Lighting a match and applying it to the end of the Pall Mall cigarette, Charles remembered smoking these during the war: unfiltered, just as he inhaled them now, eyes focused squarely on the past.
"Take me now, God," he implored to the heavens.
"Not happening," said God.
by Josef with an F October 18, 2007
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