The name 'hackney' is an anglicized derivative of French haquenée—a horse of medium size recommended for lady riders. It then went on to become an adjective to "carriage", and ultimately evolved as a double-noun, "hackney carriage". A carriage or automobile for hire. Commonly available.

Hackneyed is an adjective. Used in a derogatory way to describe something unoriginal and oft repeated.
The sermon was full of hackneyed phrases and platitudes.

by wincliff April 26, 2009
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Napoleon Dynamite references are incredibly hackneyed
by Jacob January 7, 2005
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Hackney da baddest part of london.......we got ppl scared as hell dwn here!!!!
Oi, dnt mess wid him dat nigga is from hackney
by Hackneyppz [x] [c=45] [x] December 8, 2007
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To be of poor or crappy quality. To be jimmy rigged. To be poor. To look like a caveman.
His house is so hackney, it dosn't even have a door knob...all i has is a deadbolt.

He bought the hackney brand of cheesy poofs....

That kid buys his clothes from the goodwill...he must be hackney

That kid looks like a caveman, is he related to hackney?

by Jebusite February 10, 2009
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Though more widely known as a term meaning clichéd or pedestrian, 'Hackneyed' also means to be knifed/stabbed or generally attacked - often by a gang or group of kids. Term originated from the reputation of the London borough of Hackney and its Jack the Ripper connotations.
(Verb: to hackney)
My friend's mate got proper Hackneyed the other night, 'e's not half right in the loaf..
by East-end wordary September 12, 2010
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When a boxer tries to hop over the ropes or gets stuck in the ropes.
That boxer just pulled a hackney!
by Nick Griffin June 2, 2007
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a disgusting part of london full of chavvy roadmen who think theyre cool. just shut up. people can be found all over wearing binbags. fortunately, those idiots are going away.
Sane person: Shut the fuck up.
by roadmensuck July 27, 2020
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