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Short for package store, another word for liquor store in Massachusetts. Typically used as "Let's make a packy run" or more commonly:
Give Magoo some clams to make a packy before he throws a nutty.
by Melville July 22, 2003
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A place to purchase alcoholic; Used frequently by Massachusetts people and especially college students. Also known as package store, wacky packy, Phipps and Liquor Store
I want to get shitfaced so i need to make a trip to the packy to get some beer
by J April 08, 2003
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A diminutive form of the name Patrick, especially popular amongst residents of County Cork, Ireland.
"When Bob Hope was a boxer, he went by the name 'Packy East'."
by packy March 16, 2004
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Slang term for a liqour store used in MA. Derived from "package store" because its shorter to say. A packy is also the act of someone getting alcohol for underage people at a package store. It is mostly used as a noun but is occasionally used as a verb when your smashed.
"What do you want?"
"Yo can you run me a packy for the party tonight?"

"Are his packies good or does he overcharge you?"

"Hey m-man...can you packy me runnin dry?"
by lhsftw December 19, 2009
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a fake penis that women and transgendered males can use so it looks like they have a penis. not used for sex, it is flaccid, just for appearence and the feeling of having one!
iv got a huge big packy, i made it 7 inches.
by geordie_b March 01, 2006
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People who North Americans often employ simply because they can get them to work for low shit wadges. Often work in calling centers for Dell, Future shop etc. often misunderstood by most bitchy towards the people who can't that they are employed to serve that cannot understand them because they can barely speak ENGLISH!!
My laptop is fucked and now I have to phone stupid future shop and talk to the stupid fucking packies.
by I hate outsourcing March 15, 2009
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