According to 'Another Cinderella Story', it stands for Paid, Young, and Taking on the World from the Driver's Seat.
"You're the New Classic, You're the new PYT."
by Ale :) February 08, 2009
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"Pretty Young Thing" as in a sexy, younger man. Term is used by a (slightly) older women to refer to her boy toy.
I'm going to let my PYT put it on me tonight.
by hiscougarallday April 23, 2009
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the pyt also known as pans young team are a group of bumping cunts that think they run the pans, when getting into a fight the poofs may end up bringing a weapon also some are hard as fuck (be careful lads)
“pyt ya fuckin bam”
by pyt on top, non stop December 13, 2019
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Puta Y Tonta

Puta: Whore in Spanish
Tonta: Dummy in Spanish
She was a real PYT she used to work the red light district.
by InjenBuilder9 December 14, 2009
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"PYT, Playa Young Thug, you need some lovin..." - PYT by Tupac
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
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Pretty young thug. Dang that girls a thug she a PYT
Dang that girl a savage, she a PYT.
by d.curlssss December 15, 2019
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