Pyt (peni young team) are the hardest young team in Midlothian with rivals like byt ( bonny young team )
Pyt they scare me
by fuck yf March 21, 2021
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Obviously Badman will smack any young team around there own endz, often spotted around top street or others endz, all top shaggers except Logan Morton
The PYT rundown anyone who gives it verbal
by PYT reppin December 18, 2019
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Pyt also known as pans young team are absolute mad men that dominate tranent and the surrounding towns known to smash Goths and have the longest sesh streak in Scotland no bills get paid. Pb1
123 who are we, we are the mental pyt!
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by Toolbox4 December 19, 2019
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It means pretty young thang. It’s mostly used for women so it is like a pretty young girl/woman.
Jace: oh look at you. Pretty young thang.
Sharline: a ha ha thanks.


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by PYT.JXE October 08, 2019
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