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An extremely attractive, good natured, smart, and humourous male, who makes women swoon with a single glance. Is responsible and a hard worker, but can still get down and have awesomely good fun times. Irresistable.

1. Wow, that Nikolas! He sure loves his lefsa! And He's gorgeous too!
2. He's a real Nikolas--and such a good kisser!
3. He asked me out on Youtube! That was the awesomest thing ever! What a Nikolas.
by emilythegrEn January 08, 2009
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A Nikolas is a wonderful, loving, caring man who knows how to treat a girl with respect. He knows how to make her happy, loves her unconditionally, and never leaves her side. He knows how to comfort and protect all that is his, and he absolutely won't share his girl with anyone. A Nikolas means the absolute world to this one special girl, who loves him more than he could ever imagine. This one girl is always able to laugh uncontrollably when around a Nikolas, and is always smiling with him. The girl plans on marrying this Nikolas and hopes he plans too also. Nikolas, You're everything to me and being your girlfriend makes me so happy, all the time. I love you so much, surf city :3

-Nick n Nic <3
Wow, that Nikolas is so awesome, and he knows exactly how to make his girlfriend happy!

No one is as cool as that Nikolas, he should teach everyone his ways of awesomeness.
by AfroDuck21 August 17, 2012
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Person with an colossal cock.
A person who will fuck very good.
Girl 1 : OMG Nikolas own dick was huge i lost my virginty to him.
Girl 2 : OMG you too? i lost my birginty to him too
by Tara leon gue April 13, 2011
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A very sexy male who loves women. He is a good boy in school but a naughty one in a bed. He just is plain a amazing. all the fags who say its a girl name its like the top name in a few countries.

He loves them girls. Nikola is not gay.
by I love Nikola November 03, 2010
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Girls Alouds top fan; amazing friend; quite frankly a bit crazy; lovable; movie fanatic; passionate; special
We are going to see girls aloud with Nikola.

Nikola hates cheese.

I love Nikola
by CasioKayleigh December 21, 2008
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