Pop up. Often used on Snapchat meaning message me
by Maibow September 3, 2017
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PU means pop up, people often use this on sites such and Instagram and snapchat as a way of saying somebody message me
by Urban Queen👑 August 19, 2019
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1) A way of saying, "That smells awful."

2) Official scoring of a pop-up in baseball.
1) PU, Dennis! Haven't you ever heard of deodorant? Or at least breath mints?

2) A pop-up caught by the second baseman is scored as 'PU4'.
by Diggity Monkeez January 21, 2005
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I'd love to go clubbin, but my PUs are gonna be visiting this weekend
by we91 April 17, 2009
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Pure Enternity is forever
Join PU and you will forever be saved from damnation!!
by K Pop January 15, 2007
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Pronounced poos-poos. The girls from Gothenburg say "pus pus" as a chic goodbye.
by Squirmy May 21, 2008
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