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Post Traumatuc Turtle Disorder. Similar to PTSD, however it is onset by a traumatic viewing involving a turtle. This could include a turtle being crushed by a car, an empty turtle shell, etc.
I got PTTD after witnessing a turtle get crushed by a car.
by STWEAM cult member July 01, 2018
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Post traumatic turtle disorder

When you walk into a museum, in the middle of spring, and see something you can never unsee.
All of Stones and Bones have PTTD.
by Murder Class Alumni July 01, 2018
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Post Traumatic Troll Disorder. Symptoms are similar in nature to PTSD, except that this disorder is onset specifically from a trolling event. Examples could include:

1. Photoshopping a picture of your friend's wife sucking your dick, then after you show it to him he feels emotionally numb and upset.

2. Using a digital identity to fool someone into believing you are a devil worshiping psychopath that will murder their entire family with a knife, then after revealing to that person it was a joke, they still have nightmares and are frightened of knives.
3. A husband loses an argument with his wife about getting a cat, then she gloats on Facebook to all his friends about getting a cat against his wishes. The husband no longer enjoys the internet and can't look at cats without becoming depressed.

These are just a few examples that can cause PTTD. It's a serious disease with, the earlier you can diagnose it, the better the outcome.
James is a Manlet who suffered a severe bout of PTTD after being cyberbullied.
by RumpusBoy June 24, 2016
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A very rare symptom of LSD that occurs very rarely amongst all users but occurs more frequently in heavy users of LSD. Symptoms include hallucinations that appear out of the blue later in life randomly without the use of LSD present or seeing shapes when you close your eyes.

"Man I think Im tripping rightnow."
"Well what did you take?"
"Nothing, I think it's my PTTD."
by All Hail Cory May 12, 2016
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