A man who's height is above midget level, but is well below that of any other man. They tend to be very muscular and wide, without a neck.
Guy: "You remember Maurice Jones-Drew?"
Other guy: "Oh yeah, the Manlet running back from the Jaguars?"

I walked into the gym and saw a few manlets working out. They're short, but they sure can lift.
by TheRickestRick January 8, 2016
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A short statured strong male, (under 5"6), trying to overcompensate their height, mainly used to hate against short muscular men. 90% hate comes from men over 6 ft that is extremely skinny/ or extremely fat. 5% comes from insecure women who are over 5"10, 5% comes from low confident people who are unhappy with themselves.
Tall frail/very fat men "hey look at the mantet he's so short and muscular"

Insecure women about height "omg he's so short, he's a manlet"

other 5 % I hate on every one so let me go make fun of that manlet
by true facts December 31, 2015
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The term some males who feel inferior to another shorter male use. Typically the "manlet," would have a very attractive girlfriend/wife , will have a better physique, more money etc. and be more attractive over all. The taller male will then look for any flaws in there POV to hilight in the other male to raise there own self esteem.
Jeff- " hey bro, look at that guy training with his girl , he has pretty good physique right ?"

Cody- " sure , but he's like 5"6 ! He"s a Manlet ! "

Jeff- " um okay , I wasn't bringing up his height bro lol but okay "
by Be Human July 2, 2017
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A manlet is a male who is of clearly below average stature and often compensates for his lack of height.
"Attention all manmores, the manlets have infiltrated the 'manlet' page on Urban Dictionary! They are trying to make people believe that they have something we might envy. Fake News!"
by thegenerel February 25, 2020
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A man that is not necessarily small, just smaller than his significant other.
"Lmao look at that manlet over there he prolly gets it"
by Lemonlover_36 April 2, 2018
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Example #1: Joe Rogan is the most famous real life manlet in the world coming in at a whopping 5 feet 7 inches! The most famous fictional manlet is George Constanza from Seinfeld.

Example #2: Two contestants on Fear Factor said in Stuff Magazine, "You know, I always thought that Joe looked great on TV. When I saw him in person, the only thing I could say was that he was a lot shorter than I had imagined.... He is so short. I'm 5'10" and I towered over him".
by Alt-Right Dudes Are Closet Que September 29, 2020
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A manlet is a dwarfed male that is 5"9 and under. Often insecure and overcompensate by working out or going on the Urban Dictionary and attempting to make the definition of manlet the height just below theirs.
Anyone under 5"3 is a Manlet.
by Expunisher December 20, 2015
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