A phrase used by an asshat man as an argument-ending device to discredit a woman's entirely valid criticisms of him, especially to a public audience of other males.

The use of the phrase 'pre-menstrual' will be applied regardless of what point in her menstrual cycle she is, or if she even menstruates at all.

Any attempt to point this inaccuracy out will be shouted down with an exclamation of "Ew! TMI!"
Female Coworker: Harry, could you please not loudly discuss your sex tour to Amsterdam whilst I am on the phone to a client? It is rather unbusinesslike.
Male Asshat Coworker: Oooo... *to whole office* SALLY'S PMSing! Run for your lives!
by magnetron April 06, 2008
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When a girl has certain symptoms before/during their period. EX: headaches, bloating, feeling fat, feeling icky, mood-swings, tiredness, etc.

GUYS WHO THINK THAT THEY GO THROUGH SO MUCH WHEN A WOMAN IS PMSING are selfish dicks who don't realize what a woman goes through and will have to go through for most of their life. Think about it our way. If you were bleeding from your ass and had to have a pad on your butt, wet and sticky from blood for 4-6 hours, OR have a tampon stuck up your ass, and still have to have a pantyliner in just in case, you'd be pretty bitchy too. It's even worse at school or work, where you barely have any time to change it, so there's a possibility that the pad will have to stay there for the WHOLE DAY. Not to mention the constant fear of your period leaking through, or the cramps. Imagine having someone kick your balls repeatedly, and while that's happening, your SO is complaining about how he has to hear you whine. All the guys think it's SO horrible, because they get yelled at occasionally and have to deal with mood swings. You don't even know the half of it.

Another thing. We HATE it when guys just assume we're on our period, even if we are. It's like saying that girls are incapable of being mad without it having to do with their menstrual cycle.
Girl: Ugh. I'm so mad!

Boy: Oh... ::wink:: Are you... You know.

Girl: What? I can't just be mad because he broke up with me? Gosh...


Girl: ...No. Just shut up and go away.

Boy: Gosh, don't get so mad just cause you're on your period.
by HiMySweetheart~ February 01, 2010
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when a girl is on her period and gets mad when you say something that would normally just piss her off a little bit.
this is probably because she's experiencing horrible cramps while at the same time being accused of using her period as an excuse not to please her man.
whoever thinks a period is torture for MEN is seriously misguided. swallow a ravenous squirrel, sit there until it claws itself out while a tampon is up your ass and maybe you'll feel differently.
not all girls go through bad PMS, like me, for instance. i'm lucky that way, I usually just curl up in pain and try to avoid any talking.
by ihateperiods. January 31, 2008
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Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. An array of symptoms that comes from a hormonal upset as a woman's body prepares to either become pregnant or expel an unfertilized ovary. Can involve cramping, water retention, mood swings, spontaneous stimulation, etc.
PMS is no fun for anyone.
by ke6isf July 09, 2004
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(Pre Menstral Sydrome)

The time of the month when a girl has her period. She becomes bloated has stomach aches, head aches, becomes moody because her hormones go fucking crazy (remember being a teenager?), and to top it all off, bleeds uncontrollably out her vagina. This can begin as early as age eight (Nature is an unforgiving bitch) or as late as the age sixteen (Nature taugths those who got their curse in third grade) Sometimes earlier or later.

Most men often do not understand this because they have never expirenced it and often say that she is just being a bitchy cunt because she can be.
(btw most guys that I met that even have a small headcold are really bitchy and lash out at every one so I think that men would be way worse then women at having PMS, but maybe thats just the guys I know)
by Sparkiee February 02, 2008
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P: Pre. M:Menstrual. S: Syndrome

Part Monster Syndrome
Pity Me Syndrome
Pain and Murder Syndrome

Lotsa syndromes...

PMS is when a girl's (who has gone through puberty but not reached menopause) uterus sheds its nasty ol' layer of mucus and blood because her egg hasnt been fertilized that month. That's the technical term.

Here's what it means for us guys out there: WATCH YOUR BACK. These crazy moodswings and temper tantrums will get you to hell faster then you can say "PLEASEDONTSTABMEWITHTHEKNIFE". Just stay back and don't try to help, cuz that makes it worse. You really can't fix it, and then the girl just gets all pshycho bitch sensitive and either A. Shuns you B. Yells at you C. Starts crying or D. Pulls out her concealed weapon. PMS is something girls gotta live with and guys gotta live with (yes, i acknowledge that girls have the worse part of the deal, but A. that is not our fault so don't take it out on us and B. we can't do anything about it so don't take it out on us even more for trying our best to help.)
Girl: Oucheeee i have cramps!
Guy: Aww baby lemme try and make you fell a lil better!
Girl:...what did you say?
Guy:I just said i wanted to make you feel better =)
Guy: I know you are, I'm just trying to help!
Girl: Pulls out concealed weapon (told you she'd do it!) GET OUT!!!!!!
Guy: This is my house...
Girl: Don't get sassy with me!
Girl: *sigh* I'm so tired! (collapses on floor)
Guy: Are you ok???
Girl: *Wakes up* how DARE you wake me up from my nap! *starts crying* I love you so damn much!
Guy: What the hell
Guy: I'm outta here...
Girl: DON'T LEAVE ME PLEASE! I'M SO LONELY!!!...hmmm I WANT SOME CAKE. No, i'm too fat! Am I too fat? YOU THINK I'M FAT!
Guy: I'll be back in a week...*shakes fist angrily* CURSE YOU PMS!!!
by Iwishihadapineapple May 06, 2008
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a time when you should avoid all women; major moodswings; i.e. watch your back, ho.
Girl: I hate you!
Boy: What did I do?
Girl: Oh my god, I love you!
Boy: What?
by RENThead006 October 14, 2003
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