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Cardiac P.M.I.: n ;.

A severe case in which the heart begins to fail, consequently causing the heart to RIP apart into several LARGE PIECES FROM DA
Guy2: Then stay the fuck away from my dA...
Guy1: *slowly turns black and glasses grow on face..*
Guy2: Bro, wtf is're starting to look like a Douchebag ripper from Germany..
Guy1: Ha, ha. I join 5 for every 1 I am BANNED at! Ha, ha!.
Guy2: Wtf?
Guy1: Trying to prove a point mate.
Guy2: Man, I'm out of here. You're fucking retarded.
Guy1: I don't give a phizzuck-donald duck.
by Zander33 April 01, 2007
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PMI is one who willing rips all graphical images (along with his/her neighborhood admin) then goes on a graphical endeaver claiming he/she misused a copyrighted image.
"Dude...I just pulled a PMI." "You just failed life." "=("
by Phizzuck Donald Duck April 01, 2007
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.PMI: n.;
1. The name stands for Pergio Maximus Imagery Inc. However, since there were two "I's" in the name, a period (".") was designated to take the place of the additional "I", and substitute itself as the period (".") on top of the significant "double I", thus, .PMI.
2.The Artist Formerly Known As LevelOne.
3.Advancing Forward With Superior Empowerment.
4.God's Favorite Artist.
5.adj.; (1)quote.; "I Am Infinite Cosmic Consciousness, I Am Infinite Energy, and I Am Infinite Money."; (2) "If You Are Banned At 1 Website, Join 5 More!"
The reason that I am so successful, is because I have PMI'd everything that I've worked hard for.
by Cleveland A. Paige Jr. July 18, 2006
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1. An unintended mispronunciation of the word 'P-I-M-P'.

2. Pimp Masters Incorp.

3. Pimp Monkey Idiot.
Chris: I'm waking down the street to Jack in the Box late at night with two hot girls.

Linzy: Chris, you're such a PMI.
by Linzelle October 02, 2004
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