Being really pretty, have a good figure, being basically what social media wants and/or being desired.
BRO, HAVE YOU SEEN saintmndy? She she pretty! And her SINGING! She's God's Favorite 100%
by PPYTTB202? October 15, 2020
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To be extremely lucky or fortunate numerous times that it seems God has shown favor to you or another person over all others.
Earlier today I fucked two Asian sisters at the same time and later today I found one million in unmarked cash. I must be God's Favorite.
by God's Favorite February 28, 2010
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Green Day. God's favorite band. God will clear up skies to see his favorite band play.
"Why aren't there any clouds in the sky Tre?"

"Because God wants to see his favorite band play!"

"What is Gods favorite band?"

"Green Day!"
by GI.Joe July 12, 2017
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the band waterparks. they are god’s favourite.
awsten: “god’s favorite f*cking boy band, pray to be important”

person1: omg have you heard of the band waterparks?????
person 2: yeah they’re gods favorite boy band
by raeissleepy December 30, 2020
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