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When you do something good and put your arms up in the air to tell everyone including yourself about it. It is the same as an award or a form of recognition.
I just figured it out! Where is my PLUNKY? (Said with arms straight up in the air similar to touchdown signal.)
by Affiant April 30, 2010
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Balls, nads, testes.

Also see the phrase - 'to drop one's plunkies'. Most commonly used when questioning a mans bravery, or a subject's ability to perform under pressure.
"I can't believe you just shanked that one off the tee, you just totally dropped your plunkies wee man"
by Tha Gimpsta October 18, 2007
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1: (noun) wicked-awesome pirate captin of the blue pearl.

2: (verb) to inject chaos or destroy plans.
1: "i was goin along the Gory bypass last week and i was totally blown out of the water by plunky in the blue pearl.

2: "i was sittin around yesterday until i heard a knock on the door. next thing i know i'm in new ross, after that my week was plunkied."
by vivi_237 July 23, 2007
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Little insignificant little things or
jobs a person might do. Kind of piddling around doing little things.
I'll do whatever I can to help with whatever little plunky little things I might be able to do but my budget is limited right now.
by Dave Greer September 24, 2008
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