1)Piso ( Pa-es-so) Slang for " Piss so." 2) Spanish for Floor
1) Ya , after I ejaculate, I piso.

2) Person one - Did you just pee on my adopted child ?

Person 2- Ya I piso.

3) Me encanta este piso del edificio.
(English ) I love this floor of the building.

4) Peter Griffin from Family Guy- "Did you know dead people piss them selfs when they die."

Mayor Adam West- "Ya I know we dead people piso."

Burt Ward- " Damn it ."
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by MahaloFam August 03, 2017
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piso means calling someone "something not relevant to anything".

it can be used to people that dislike you.
Jake : wow dude you are so piso man.

Mary: he is piso as a monkey
by KyonnISTheName April 23, 2018
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