1)Piso ( Pa-es-so) Slang for " Piss so." 2) Spanish for Floor
1) Ya , after I ejaculate, I piso.

2) Person one - Did you just pee on my adopted child ?

Person 2- Ya I piso.

3) Me encanta este piso del edificio.
(English ) I love this floor of the building.

4) Peter Griffin from Family Guy- "Did you know dead people piss them selfs when they die."

Mayor Adam West- "Ya I know we dead people piso."

Burt Ward- " Damn it ."
by MahaloFam August 03, 2017
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sosi pisos, which came from Russian language (rus.: соси писос), means "suck a dick": sosi - is a transliteration of the corresponding Russian word that is translated as "suck", and pisos - is a non-dictionary word which was coined by kids by transforming another Russian word "писюн" which could be translared in English as "prick", "pecker" or "penis".

Expression sosi pisos became very popular as a meme. It is usually printed on a picture of a grey stripped cat that has laid its paws at the wooden crossbow which is a piece of some kind of a house furniture, possibly a locker or table. Print "соси писос, мем" in Google and you will find at once a picture of that cat. Sometimes the original inscription "соси писос" at the cat's picture is replaced with "ты знаешь, что делать", that is translated as "you know what to do", that of course mean "suck a dick".
In a publick chat someone gives a picture of a "sosi pisos" cat with the inscription:
"Guys, look after a cat. I will come soon." Then those participant leaves the chat. This means that the person think the topic of the conversation is meaningless, and chat participants are assholes.
by Send Info August 25, 2018
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Greek for "from behind"; often used to infer anal sex.
ie: yo, bend over and prepare to get some apo piso!
by passwd August 12, 2009
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Literally, "wet floor" in spanish, it means a terrible fall as depicted by stick figures in cautionary bilingual signs.
How did you hurt your back?
I did a piso mojado after I tripped on someone's backpack.
by lapiedra January 19, 2010
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spanish for "wet floor", but it sounds like it could easily be a swear word if you dont know any spanish. Makes many people think your are swearing, even though you arent.
Person1:*Bumps papers onto floor* "PISO MOJADO!!".
Person 2: "LOL, whats that mean?"
Person 1: "Nothin, just sounds good."
by the22ice April 24, 2005
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