A group of teenagers, usually in middle or high school that are fake and just crave attention. They tend to shun anybody else who tries to become more "popular" then them on the social pyramid. Boys in this group are usually part of the football, basketball, or soccer team and their vocabulary evolves around surf lingo. Girls usually beach blondes or redheads are either part of the volleyball, basketball, or track team and starve themselves to the point where she looks Like she just walked out of a coffin. Both groups of guys and girls have either dated, had sex ,kissed, or done any other risk taking things to get the whole school to talk about it the next day. They also tend to make fun of the misfits or outcast of the school to make themselves feel "cool".
Missy- oh my gosh look at the popular group. They are so fake
Jocylen- Ikr. Skylar needs to eat something before. I'm surprised AMC hasn't called her to join the Walking Dead Cast.
by xxclynnxx December 21, 2014
Just a bunch of sluts and chodes wanting sex all the time.
'I am a popular group'

'She/he/me is a popular group'

'You're in the popular group'
by Rastifa May 9, 2010
a group of kids who consider themselves cooler then all the other kids. being popular gives one the right to act better then their peers. kids in the popular group are stereotypically preps and good looking.
In the movie Mean Girls, Regina Jones, Gretchen Weiners, Karen Smith and Cady Heron were the leaders of the popular group.
by Melissa T. May 8, 2008
A group of 2 or more individuals in school who believe that they are amazing & can do whatever they want in school without consequence when actually they are just a bunch of sassy, rude people who get in trouble a lot & don't understand why.
*"popular" group walks by*
Person in group: Hello dorkatron
You internally: When will the "popular group" finally get punished?
by Human? May 2, 2019