Alrighty class, today, we will be learning about, you guessed it, PEMDAS!!!
by Strawberry smoothie March 16, 2020
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Please Eliminate Misleading and Dumb Acronyms from School.

“PEMDAS” actually stands for an order of operations (parentheses, exponentiation, multiplication/division, addition/subtraction) and a mnemonic such as “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” is often used to remember the initials. However, instead of memorizing some arbitrary sentence, one might give a justification of the convention like this: Multiplication can be seen as repeated addition and thus takes precedence over addition. Exponentiation can be seen as repeated multiplication and thus takes precedence over multiplication. In effect, you can simplify repetitions without adding parentheses like this:

11 − 3 − 3 − 3 = 11 − 3 × 3 = 11 − 3²

Makes sense, eh? “PEMDAS” can also lead people into thinking that multiplication takes precedence over division and addition over subtraction.

In German schools, the line “Punkt(rechnung) vor Strich(rechnung)” (“dot (calculation) before stroke (calculation)”) is taught because multiplication is indicated with a middle dot (·) and division, at least in primary and secondary school, with a colon (:). However, multiplication is written with a cross (×) when talking about dimensions and mathematicians indicate division with a slash (/).
Always remember PEMDAS.
Screw it! Also, who the f*ck needs to be told “Inner parentheses before outer parentheses”? The whole point of parentheses is grouping, so of course you cannot evaluate “(2 × (3 + 5))” as “(((2 × 3) + 5))”.
by GrzegorczykHierarchy July 25, 2020
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Oftenly used more as a joke than the activity.

hey you know what pemdas is?. no, what is it?

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by o5o6 December 24, 2020
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Girl : Why do you keep saying pemdas?

by Guy Horne September 25, 2020
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The definition for PEMDAS is please excuse my depression and swag...
someone: you look sad but you have swag

me: please excuse my depression and swag/PEMDAS
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by Morse47 November 9, 2019
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