A perfectly valid reason, but one which your boss, teacher, or other superior simply doesn't like.
Boss: Why are you late?
You: My flight crash-landed, and it killed my dog too.
Boss: What a terrible excuse! You're fired for real this time!
by Sitbear August 21, 2018
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An attempt to create a justification for something that you knowingly decided to flake out on. Lack of balls to take responsibility for your own actions or wrong doing. A pussy attempt to make someone feel better about their disappointment by disguising a lie as an excuse.
I've been meaning to call you back but I have been really busy. Total bullshit excuse. The person saying this is full of shit they are either avoiding you or had something else that was more important to them.
by GVIII June 3, 2015
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An excuse is a reason for which an individual does or doesn’t do something; it is a transfer of blame from oneself to some other external.
"I did not attend the gym today because I was tired".
"I don't spend my free time reading books because its boring".
"I get drunk because it relaxes me".
"I am overweight because I love food too much".
"I am poor because of the top 1%".
The penultimate excuse involves the movement of things (Time): "I couldn't because I ran out of time".
by AkilahC April 25, 2018
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A lame reason for getting out of something. For example, "I didn't have anything to eat for breakfast so I ate my essay". Or "excuse" in the word "excuse me". For example, "excuse me for sneezing on your dress."
Excuse me, but that was a lame excuse.
by Autumn Applegate February 18, 2021
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Shortened form of excuse me for lazy people.
Excuse, I want to get by!
by NoComprendo June 4, 2018
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The words coming out of Dustin's mouth whilst attempting to avoid a smack-down.
Dustin kept making excuses about why he couldn't participate in the Wizard's Duel.
by Squidlips23 November 9, 2018
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Derived from the word "Excuse".It is tendency/Disease/Regular behaviour of making excuse for every poor performance.In simpler words,giving excuses for everything and trying to back their faults
person 1:-Your calculation seems wrong
person 2:-i guess the calculator isnt working right

person1:-your handwriting is ridiculous
person2:-i think the pencil isnt dark enough
person1:-dude,you are EXCUSITIS
by anotherJustanotherguy October 12, 2009
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