An acronym in math for the order of operations (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction), but also broad slang for any order of operations.
Do we tailgate and then rob the bank, rob then tailgate, or just get drunk in the vault? What's the PEMDAS here?
by entropyandvodka May 24, 2019
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P: Penis

E: Erection
M: Masturbation
D: Dick
A: Asshole

S: Sex
Boy 1: Yo I just performed PEMDAS
Girl 1: oh
by WillieWacker723 June 29, 2020
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Perverted Evil Man Dad Association Society
Perverted Evil Monkeys Dicking with Assholes and Sluts
1: Did you go to the PEMDAS public speaking?
2: Yeah, it was like an orgy in there.

Dude, my ass is sore. the PEMDAS attacked last night.
by Chinchila546 April 13, 2015
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Mark: Dude, you were supposed to eat my ass last night, where did you go?
Gabe: Sorry but you're my cousin, PEMDAS already
by Theoriginaldumbguy November 24, 2018
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A retarded way of saying the mathematical term "BODMAS" PEMDAS means Parenthesis Exponents Multiplaction Division Addition Subtraction, compared to the much simpler Backets Ordering Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction.
Whilst explaining BODMAS, the stuck up autismo in the class argued with the teacher that the long taught mathmatical term BODMAS was actually PEMDAS, before i cut in and explained that BODMAS makes perfect sence and that they shouldn't try to fix what isn't broken.
by Goose McBruce December 3, 2016
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that sick ass thing used in math class from elementary school to 6th grade
brooooooooooooooo do you even know pemdas
by XxX_ad0lf_h1tl3r_XxX August 29, 2017
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