A contraction of the word something. Usually used in chat rooms or games. Can also be said out to save time while talking.
In a chatroom: Duh, tell me sumn I don't know.

While speaking: My boss told me to sumn and throw it away but idk what.
by 2v December 5, 2005
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when you a get a lil spicy and your craving a lil munchy munchy
on god im feeling a lil spicy right now and im craving a lil sumn sumn
by a llil spicy October 28, 2019
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something you say when you do something big but try to be modest about it
Guy 1: yeah bruh i made that bitch cum last night you know sumn' slight

Guy 2: nigga dont be modest you should brag about that shit
by OutKast4ever April 17, 2013
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