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Post Eating Fatigue - the tired feeling experienced after consuming a large amount of food.

Can be used as a noun, verb or adjective
I have a serious case of the PEF

I am peffing out mate!!

You are looking quite pefly
by kyranc November 01, 2011
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An X-factor introduced into a conversation to enhance a story, based on unsubstaniated information, covering a wide range of possibilities. A practice typical of ex-newspaper people who've made the transition to public relations work. (Pronounced: pee-ee-eff).
It’s possible we’ve got enough to cover the whole thing; depending on the P.E.F., though, we could be way short.
by Aquamanatee7 October 25, 2009
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PEF stands for Post Exam Fever. The sickness that many people get after or before exams.
Teacher: Where is Harrison today?
Student: He's got a serious case of PEF
by duck_god17 November 20, 2014
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