(Noun) the feeling of weakness you get after Nat sucks the energy from your soul because he needs it for his massive muscles
Guy 1:Man, after Nat sucked the energy from my soul for his massive muscles, I'm feeling really weak!
Guy 2: I know, fatigue sucks!
by TheEnglishDonut April 30, 2014
A horny and gay purple jackalope from the web series the bedfellows.

They live with their roommate sheen, and aggressive blue cat who swears alot
by FlabbyPancakeSause January 23, 2023
An extreme tiredness felt by obese cunts when they try and undertake physical exercise.
"I tried to do 20 minutes on the treadmill, had to stop after 10, due to the fatigue..."
by Bayesoir December 31, 2020
Another way of saying over tired or exhausted.
She was fatigued.
by Elf12397112 October 17, 2013
Man Joe, I need to you be on fatigues tonight
by JayByrd July 3, 2006