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Someone who is interested in bicycles,unicycles,and tricycles.
Dude,that pedalphile collects old Raleigh and J.C.Higgins bicycles.
by FRANK PIERCE November 17, 2003
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1. An adult who is sexually attracted to bicycle pedals.

2. A fixed-gear bike gang from Madison, WI.
1. Richard made love to his bicycle last night. He is such a pedalphile.

2. The Pedalphiles cruised down University Avenue, leaving a wake of debauchery, tomfoolery, and attractive screaming women.
by fischstix September 13, 2007
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A musician who has an unhealthy attraction to guitar pedals. Collecting, trading, and making sweet, sweet love to them. They also enjoy using Pedal Lubrication for sexual purposes.
Beau is such a pedalphile, when I looked up his history on Google I was worried. He had tons of pics of Crybabys, which turned out to be guitar pedals, not pornography. But, upon confronting him, he had the same reaction as if I did find porn, also he has dieelectric stains on his crotch.
by Takestarred June 25, 2014
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An pedophile who rides a bike when on the job.
"Hey. You see that old man? The one who has been circling the park on his bike for a good 10 minutes?"

"Yea, he is totally a pedalphile"
by -CWC- August 12, 2011
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A dirty old man with a passion for all forms of bicycles and a dangerous attraction to younger women.
"Stu from the Mountain Biking club has got another new 17 year-old girlfriend."

"Yeah, I heard. He's such a pedalphile!"
by ESLtd February 25, 2015
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A lover of succulent plants who practices proplifting - secretly taking fallen succulent leaves/pedals from others' plants - for the purpose of propagation (growing a new plant.)

Depending on context and emphasis, "pedalphile" might be used as a derogatory term, but is usually heard as a quasi-humorous term of endearment.
"I saw you pocket those fallen succulent pedals in the store - you're such a pedalphile." (Be sure to enunciate clearly to avoid ambiguity and confusion of this with the similar, but deadly serious, term from which this is a play on words.)
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by mesi May 09, 2018
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a person manually driving their car and causing traffic issues that would not exist if their vehicle was driving itself and coordinating with the other near by autonomous vehicles. Pedal-phile
He swerved toward to cars, just to see them react. What a pedalphile.
by RogerGu March 09, 2018
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