a road bike with an ingenious anti-theft device: only one gear and usually no brakes.
the best messengers all ride fixed-gear.
by adam November 28, 2003
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A Fixed-gear bicycle is most commonly a vintage steel road style bicycle utilizing one gear combination with the rear sprocket "fixed" to the rear wheel. Fixed gear bicycles are incapable of coasting, moving and not pedaling. This type of transportation is used by urban bicycle messengers, as it is a trusty and reliable form of transport, plus it's just cool.
Tricycle, Track bicycle, Penny farthing bicycle
Lobster road to the market in the snow on his fixed-gear bicycle.
by Lobster Johnson July 7, 2006
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The best kind of bike to commute in the winter.
That fixed gear has awesome control on the slippery stuff.
by Peugeotjoker May 16, 2005
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a bicycle with only one rear cog or "gear" which is fixed directly onto the hub of the wheel. This style of bicycle preceeded the more modern freewheel single speed which allowed the rider to stop pedaling whilst coasting. Still more modern yet, is the multi-speed freewheel or freehub design which is just an expansion upon the single speed freewheel.
The fixed gear was most popularly used as track or "velodrome" racing machine but has since made it to the streets and has seen a rise in outdoor road usage. Currently, in many large cities across the world, the fixed gear, or "fixie" as it so often called, has become the focal point of a growing urban subculture which includes bike messengers and the like. This subculture is seen as being quite countercultual even in the cycling community and is often associated with the punk rock/anarchist scene.
Eddie Merckx, a Belgian cyclist, is revered as one of the greatest fixed gear racers in history.
by FixedAnthroFreak September 8, 2006
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Hipsters love fixed gear bikes. They are useless if you don't spend 70% of your income at urban outfitters.
Hey, look at that hipster on his fixed gear bike. Look, he has a flip flop hub for when he doesn't feel like being a tool anymore.
by Notahipster4000 October 10, 2009
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a new scene widespreading for kids/young adults to jump into.
Why did I waste a thousand dollars on this fixed gear?
by Chris D Wagner March 27, 2009
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Wanna be elitist hipsters who ride fixed-gear bicycles
Look at that fixed-gear bicycle queer!
by Urban-dee September 10, 2009
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