Slang term for Portland Oregon. Also name of the airport in Portland.
I am the king of PDX baby, no one knows the Rose city like me.
by Bud E Love May 2, 2003
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Slang for Portland,Oregon the fastest growing city on the great west coast. The weed capital of the USA.
I'm frorm the pdx,home of the stickey cesed.
by John brown December 5, 2003
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Pdx is an amazing group of friends in which all they do is get chicks and smoke weed
Yo do you see these guys?
Yeah who are they?
They’re the PDX gang
by Laouloco November 21, 2021
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When two homeless people take a dirty tennis balls and share it between their anus'.
I got a pdx kiss last night, he got the tennis ball.
by Justintheway April 27, 2021
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The short stride foot shuffle that you see commonly see bums performing around Portland Oregon , not To be confused with the Parkinson's Shuffle. To identify the PDX Shuffle first; look for the rubbing of the index fingers and thumbs together like they are asking for a penny, secondly; Often times shuffle and finger rub is accompanied by the smell of week old urine, fecal matter, and faint vocalizations of what sounds like the chanting of buddist monks.
The only thing I heard last night was the sound of the PDX shuffle
by Theslippyone November 20, 2017
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To lie, cheated, or falsely give information about onself. To hide ones identity, as in living two differernt lives.
I was boobeared in pdx by a chick who wanted monogamy, yet was on the internet looking for bi females.

Being boobeared in pdx was a nasty way to learn of one's true identity.
by Swashbuckler September 29, 2006
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