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acronym meaning peter (penis) drag lips .. not power door locks. similar to DSL (dick sucking lips) but normally in this instance talking about a big lipped guy.
wow did you see the PDLs on that poor bastard .. looks as just dragged a cock freshly out his mouth.
by Slammy28 October 18, 2010
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pdl is a goth/emo twitter user / hacker known for hacking/doxing multiple twitter accounts and big game networks.
omg its pdl be careful!
by gothb0y June 10, 2018
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(Parental Dominant/Little Submissive)

PDLS is a non-binary term used to describe a type of BDSM relationship that may or may not involve sex, but often involves 2 dynamics. A Parental/child like dynamic that includes a soft, nurturing touch and playing with things such as stuffed animals, child toys, and reading bedtime stories, and a Dominant/submissive dynamic that is built around a ruleset and any kind of power play within the relationship. In this relationship, the Parental Dominant (PD) feels empowered and protective over their Little Submissive (LS). This allows the LS to feel like they can be released of any and all responsibility which can help the LS feel free. PDLS has nothing to do with pedophilia or actual dating or having sexual relations with a parent and/or child (minor).
by BrattyKittyCO December 07, 2017
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Post Dump Levity: The physical sensation of relief and/or release resulting from a much-needed stool dropping. The ensuing comfort makes one feel lighter, accompanied by alacrity of movement, and the perceived ability to jump higher.
John Doe: Coffee doesn't always make me feel this way, but man, I feel like 10 pounds lighter.
Jim Doe: You got PDL?
John Doe: You know it.
by drovalo September 01, 2010
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i.e. Permanent Down Low --> To keep something quiet forever
Yeah, there's gonna be drinks, but my parents will be there so we gotta keep it PDL.
by Superace June 17, 2005
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