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Informed and eager gaming hobbyist who has logically found and uses the best gaming platform, PC. The interesting and dissapointing aspect of PC Gamers is how maliciously, ruthlessly, and ridiculously hated they are by other gamers. Stereotypes like PC gamers=fat lifeless, basement dwelling, virgin nerds are almost accepted fact by console gamers desperately upset over PC superiority. Statement of fact supporting PC Gaming is often met with racist, hateful, ignorant, and even threatening responses. The worst part is that these console gamers prefer their platform mainly because of misconception and ignorance. For instance:

Consolers don't play PC because:

-costs thousands
-don't like to sit close up on a desk
-tiny displays/monitors
-games only look "slightly" better
-PC Gaming is too difficult to learn from a technical standpoint


-A GREAT PC only costs $800-900, MAYBE $1,000, and a more than adequate one can be as cheap as $600
-You can hook up gamepads and large HDTVS to your PC in the living room, its called a "home theater gaming PC" if you want to play on a couch
-Games can run at more than twice the resolution, contain more content, be cheaper, have free mods (user-made DLC) content, run at much better framerates, and have larger multiplayer matches with free multiplayer service.
-maintaining a non-custom gaming PC is NO MORE DIFFICULT than upkeeping the non-gaming computer you are using to view this site.
12 year old console fanatic: "OMG Uncharted is the best looking game EVAR, and COD MW3 is the most advanced multiplayer game EVAR!!"
PC Gamer:" you have obviously never played Crysis 1 on max PC Graphics, or BF3, or ARMA 2"
12 year old console fanatic: "GTFO lifeless PC fag fuck you and your mother die of AIDS!!"

PC Gamer:"Fuck you I play PC, and I'm a PC Gamer, screw you if you are gonna be a child about it!"
by =TaT=FrankDaTank1218 November 27, 2011
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