Short for Peanut Butter Spoon, a snack mainly used by college students and possibly obsessively fit people when you need a snack but poor shopping habits have left you with nothing but condiments and toppings. As such one is then forced to pull out a spoon, scoop up some peanut butter from the jar, and enjoy that spoonful to the fullest.
Roommate 1: What's up?
Roommate 2: PBS time
Roommate 1: Go for it man
Roommate 2: I'm glad I live in a PBS judgement free apartment
by S31 November 09, 2012
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What our minds once were until fire became a fun thing.
I'm a PBS mind, in an MTV world.
by Phatal July 11, 2003
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Stands for poopy balls syndrome; when your poops are so explosive they splash up and get on your balls.
Yeah I gotta wipe my balls when I shit, I got PBS.
by LackingPotatoes February 16, 2021
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Perpetual Boner Syndrome. The act of being extremely horny, normally horny most of the time or anything closely related with being horny.
Timmy, because of the evidence at how often you masturbate, how many nudey mags you have, and the fact that you can't hold a conversation that doesn't have to do with Brazilian waxing, butt play, and/or tits, I have concluded that your have a severe case of PBS.
by T!ff@&?LhuvsYhu July 23, 2011
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It stands for Pen-in-Brain Syndrome. A rare disorder that is easily identified by the physician for the characteristic pen lodged in the brain. PBS is almost always fatal. There was one instance recorded example of a man suffering from PBS for years, without realizing he was missing portions of his brain that governed logic and reason. Upon removal of the pen, however, he died.
"This is a clear cut case, ladies and gentlemen. This man died from Pen-in-Brain!" (PBS)
by Decrata December 24, 2013
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Penis Back Slap
To slap a girl in the face when she talks back to you
this chick was giving me head and she was bitching about it so I PBSed the hoe.
by Eltoro19 May 08, 2008
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