what you would drink if you weren't such a pussy.
"What do you drink?"


"HEINEKEN !?! Fuck that shit....PABST BLUE RIBBON !!!!!!"
by Poster Nutbag May 20, 2003
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Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, a great American beer for great Americans. Legend suggests that PBR was first used during the Revolutionary War, quenching the thirst of patriots. Unfortunately, in recent times PBR's image has been tarnished by tight jean wearing hipsters who wish to defile its tradition and take it as their own. True Americans see through this, and understand that it is a fad that will pass.
Hey Matt, is that a hipster I see drinking a "PBR"?!
Yea, WTF?!
Let's kick his ass!!
by SlapshotRegatta13 April 20, 2011
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The finest, smoothest drinking beer out of a can; evidence that there truly is a higher power.
After a hard day's work I came home and fired down 15 PBR's to take the edge off.
by Lad June 04, 2003
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PBR is when your making someone feel bad by saying that the got PBR (piped by Ralph) (a big man with a big peepee)
Hahahahah bro last night I bet you got that “PBR”
by Mainbouwer February 24, 2019
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Acronym for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Some of the worse domestic skunk water ever to hit the market. Usually purchased by college frat & sorority kids who can't afford anything else but wanna look cool drinking their beer. Has become quite the phenomenon in the past couple of years, tho inexplicably so.
Yo, we having dat house party tonight, braski??

Yeah, bra, but 1st we gots ta make a PBR run, you know how da hotts like ta drink it!!
by Tommyt March 06, 2009
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short term for post-burrito (sexual) relations
Guy: Wanna go to Chipotle?
Girl: Yea! I wanna get a meaty burrito!
Guy: I'll give you a meaty burrito when we have some PBR after this
by dudebro213 June 18, 2011
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