The consumption of an alcoholic beverage in order to relax. Also used to describe the practice of drinking a beer in the morning after a night of drinking.
School and work have me stressed out, I need something to take the edge off.

I woke up with the worst hangover this morning. A beer in the shower was just what I needed to take the edge off.
by mikwat June 13, 2004
Taking the edge of is using a intoxicating substance to clam a person. when there nerves are fucked and there about to explode.

Intoxicating substances that can be used to achieve this are cigarettes, weed, alcohol, opiates, and many more dugs to many to list here. WARNING using certain certain substances can cause a person to be more angery instead of clam.... Beware of the real effects of whatever us take! before u take it
Person 1: Damn it u lil shit head u fuckkinn fuck fuck you

Person 2: ay were what did I do
Person 1: You ate fuckkinn getting on my damn nerves
Person 2: Damn chill

Person 1: you got something to help with taking the edge off
Person 2: yea I got some good weed
by Luci savage March 12, 2018