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Stands for: Penis Break Out.

Defined as when a dude has a boner
Wow, did you just see Rick? He had a PBO when you were talking to him!
by lowielawlperson January 15, 2011
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short text or respond for "Playing Black Ops when you cant text the whole thing out when your in the middle or a match or zombie game.
person1- "yo that one trick keep textin you"
person2- "tell that bitch im in the middle of a game of Team death match"
person1- "nah man thats too much to text"
person2- "just put PBO"
person1- "what the fuck that mean?"
person2- "Playing Black Ops"
by moosebeesmokin420 September 16, 2011
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Prime Bagging Opportunity (or PBY, Y being years)
when a guy is say 32 years old he would be in his Prime Bagging Years or have a Prime Bagging Opportunity to bang women from the legal limit to say 50 years old. Any older and they chicks do not fit into the PBO / PBY model.
by areyoukiddingme August 20, 2009
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"Please be okay."
Judy: Dude I just got hit by a car!
Michael: Omg! PBO!
by Fabulous Skater Boii March 18, 2017
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