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The best person you'll ever meet. He is sweet, honest and very beautiful. He is the greatest boyfriend you'll ever have after you friendzone him for 15 years. He will never leave you and he will ALWAYS call on your bullshit if you are wrong. He will make you a better person, for he is the best person you'll ever have in your life.

J.K he is the worst human being in existence
Oziel is a cuck.
by LambSauce69 May 10, 2018
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A mexican asian kid who thinks he know stuff but knows is his eggrolls and burritos he should more time reading then eating tacos he don't read cuz he can't see or drive
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A fat Mexican that eats alot of food and does not stop untill his 3rd stomach is full. He is a very unattractive. But people still love hum
by Roasted,Toasted,Posted April 19, 2017
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