(heard on sarah silverman program)A negative slang word such as lame, gay, ugly, etc.
she punched you in the face? OZAY! I told him he should give his lil bro a ride but he thought that was ozay!
by saryah December 11, 2008
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Completely and totally lame. Really, lame beyond all reason. Often used incorrectly as just something mildly lame.
"Jesus, the Holocaust was completely ozay."
"Yeah, and I overpaid for these shoes. Ozay!"
"You're a dick."
by Sarahbob Silvermanbob December 08, 2008
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Slang for something that is really lame,
and also a very negative word.
"She said that to you? Ozay!"

"How much did that cost? Ozay!"

"The waitress forgot to bring your bacon? Ozay!"

Don't like her shoes?
Just say "Ozay"
by Amyyyy! December 07, 2008
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An interjection uttered in response to something that is lame or disappointing, usually in a sentence on its own.
You don't have these shoes in my size? Ozay!
by onnn December 06, 2008
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First coined by sarah silverman. It means to show distaste for something or a strong dislike.
Ewww you bought plaid pants? OZAY...
by Chris Charette December 05, 2008
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Something you say to react to an unpleasant comment or occurrence; it is from the Sarah Silverman Program.
It is not a negative word like 'no' is.
"That waitress didn't bring you your breakfast? Ozay!"

Say, you didn't like my shoes, "ozay!".
by Emz :3 December 04, 2008
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