A term of endearment for cool/slightly odd couples to use to show affection and humour towards one another.
Non-offensive when used between the right people in the right circumstances.
Q."Darling, do you actually know how cool I am??"
A. "Awww honey, you're a dick"
by Starbar78 April 18, 2016
Typically used when describing a person bearing the name Tony,

Most often used when a Tony does something stupid, lame, funny or really if a Tony does anything,

You're a dick can (granted a Tony is not around) can also be used to describe a Duke.
Tony: is that brick welded to that pole?

Everyone: Tony you're a dick.

Tony: I Painted my car dash again....
Everyone: you're a dick.

Tony: sthe sthells sthea sthells bthy the sthea sthore.
Everyone: your a dick..

Duke: arrrrrrgggggghhhhhh
Everyone: you're a dick
by Not jordii November 20, 2020
Someone you find endearing and could in fact be in love with
Q. Do you know how much i love the Beatles even though i know you think the Stone's are superior??
A. Yeah(dreamy look).....but you're a dick 💜
by Starbar78 April 13, 2016
Its like when you're being a fucking jerk and shit and you call someone that cause they're like a dick, ya'know?
Dude, you're such a dick.
by chodes_knows September 4, 2015
Said to someone when they have an expressed an opinion.
Person 1: Hey man have you tried that buffalo chicken?
Person 2: Yeah but I'm more of a Parmesan guy.
Person1: Hey, Whatever Sucks You're Dick.
by Watermelonjuice January 11, 2011
Something said when you pwn someone so badly that you need to use a graphic blowjob metaphor.
Dear Lakers,

The way you're on my dick must really hurt your knees.

Love, the Pistons
by Mike Fellatio July 2, 2004