Andre Vantelli (ed) -to rate or appraise too highly; overestimate: I think you overrate their political influence.
To overestimate the merits of; rate too highly.
Andre Vantelli, a legend in his own time.
The Quad is so Andre Vantellied Out, I decided to shop at Adam & Eve instead, because it is less overrated.
by Luicee Babii November 02, 2007
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Guns n' Roses (is that like, n' sync?)




Dream Theater

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Chili's are the best on that list and do deserve some of the credit they receive.But I just "HATE" when bands are grossly overrated.
by yo mama October 27, 2004
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justin bieber
lady gaga
miley cyrus
the beatles
nicki minaj
little wayne

basically 65-80% of everything on vevos' youtube channel.
being overrated is not a good thing.
by Hawn Gnarley July 22, 2014
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(adj) Term used to perenially describe the Duke basketball and Notre Dame football programs.
Oh, look, Duke lost to Virginia Tech in basketball -- looks like they're over-rated again.
by AlphaJohn November 29, 2005
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