A term used to describe something that gets more hype and credit than it's actually worth.

The word explains itself if you think about a kpop girl group called Blackpink, the living epitome of overrated, mediocre and privileged.
Becky: hey what does overrated mean?

Ash: Blackpink.
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by namjoonforpresident September 23, 2018
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There has never been a figure in history who fits the definition of overrated better than the guy who needed over 20 people to make a decent sounding record in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
by cutebutthole March 11, 2020
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People or things that are way too famous but not really worth the attention.
Example of overrated:

Kim Kardashian

Watch Me Whip/NaeNae



Selena Gomez

Example of overrated in a sentence:
Frank: Kim Kardashian is so overrated. Why do people even like her?
Vanessa: Watch Me Whip is so old that it's overrated.
by Master Potato March 07, 2016
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