An ass which is so large, that a probe or spaceship could land on it.
An ass planet is dangerous, that you may get captured or lured into the ravein by the serpent turd.
The only way to escape the crevice is if the serpent releases his methane-esque fumes, which escape at a rate high enough to compel you into deep space.
An ass planet does not have an atmosphere, the only thing surrounding it is the fumes it has excreted from its core.
NASA has discovered a habitable planet, the ass planets! They are round, foul-smelling, squishy planets. Many think that when we achieve landing, we may lick the hole beneath the poopy anus crater!
by Le squigger of bottles December 27, 2016
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Its when you are in line at disneyland and the person in front of you has an incredibly large ass.
J: this line is taking forever

A: yeah but check out the view

J: Disney Ass Planet?

A: You bet

J: Im going to go throw up
by TigerLazer January 14, 2010
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A very large butt or booty
Man that girl has a planet ass.
by kj0 March 6, 2007
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a very large ass.
when your ass is so large it can be referred to as a planet ass.
your ass is so big it should be called a planet ass
by kjo March 4, 2007
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a place where people who get a lot of ass live, people who rarely get ass often express the desire to live on planet ass
John always has a girlfriend. He must live on planet ass.

I overheard Kelly and Kristy talking about how they wish they lived on planet ass.
by parrots March 3, 2007
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a place where people with girlfriends or boyfriends live because they get so much ass.
a place where people without lovers wish they lived
That girl must live on planet ass. She has a new boyfriend every other week.
Kelly and kristy often dream about the day they will live on planet ass.
by kjo March 3, 2007
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