5 definitions by vicfan

A pronouncement of the termination of a relationship by either one of the two parties involved in said relationship or an outside, objective party.
You: "Things were going so well. I called her twice a day, e-mailed and IM'ed her every five minutes, and gave up all my friends to hang out with her just to show her how much I cared. I honestly don't know what happened."

Vicfan: "It's over."
by vicfan March 23, 2004
P.C. code word for a grossly overweight female (named for silent film star Fatty Arbuckle).
vicfan: "Look at Griggs--he's shitfaced and hitting on an Arbuckle."
by vicfan March 24, 2004
A woman whose only redeeming quality is the ability to sexually gratify a male.
Diane is nothing but a cock holster.
by vicfan March 24, 2004
An obnoxious, arrogant, self-centered male who women can't seem to get enough of.
Stan thought his relationship with Jenny was great until she dumped him for an asshole.
by vicfan March 25, 2004
A stupid person whose only purpose is to waste oxygen. (See also douche bag)
"Get the hell out of my way, you fuck-knob!"
by vicfan March 24, 2004