Someone that dips after attending a school for 6 months and 4 days. Oval is often used as an insult, a very savage one. If someone calls you an oval, your life isn’t officially over and you don’t matter any more. Often confused with the shape, people who don’t understand may take it as a compliment. These people need therapy.
Omg, p4 Alana sucked my toes last night! What an oval.
by GNOWO June 7, 2019
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Someone who is not quite gay but not quite straight. Tends to pray on straight girls in public places. Bisexual
Alexa tried to seduce me in a swimming pool. She such an Oval
by rileygohomeyouredrunk December 5, 2019
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Someone who is round and a nuisance to all. They are usually loud and obnoxious. Usually they are diagnosed as an oval around the ages of 4-10.
Omg brittiny your little brother is such an oval!
by .On_crack_lol. February 29, 2020
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A professional word to describe an oval figure.
An egg is not a circle instead it is an ovalic figure.
by Tarouchi July 4, 2016
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The act of taking a round hole and making it into an oval.
Ovalize that hole.
by RedRover82 October 30, 2011
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