A band that was big in the 80's but not one gives a fuck about them now...according to the Jerky Boys.
Silverman: What position do you want to play?
Caller: The outfield
Silverman: Hey asshole, I gotta make money on you. We need you up front where the cameras can see you. The outfield was big in the 80's but no one gives a fuck about them now.
by Bunk Master Flex December 17, 2009
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Much like an Upper Decker but instead of defacating in the upper part of a toilet you defacate in a water softener salt tank. Mostly used in the country where people have wells and need water softeners to remove hardness, iron, etc.
That party sucked. I was going to give them an Upper Decker but when I saw the water softener in the bathroom closet I decided to give them an Outfielder instead.
by bill1970 November 10, 2009
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The act in which a person gropes the butt of another. Generally while making out or at least as a sign of attraction.

It's not exactly a base, but still part of the game.
"Did you hear about Ben?"
"Yeah! He was outfielding Jessica!"

"How far did you get?"
"All the bases. And even got to the outfield."

"He outfielded Lilly all night. Everyone saw."
by Chloecameupwiththis August 31, 2009
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A British pop group which rose to
Fame in the mid 1980's in the. United States. Their 2 biggest hits your love and Ali the love in the world came from their debut album."play deep", tbri
They were fronted by vocalist toby lewis.and were part of the"power pop"movement of the 1980s. They toured small venues state fairs untii 2014 toby lewis passed away in October 2020 at his home in england. For a trip down memory lane check out their videos on youtube for your love and all the love in the world
Hey I hear the outfield is playing at the race track in Fontana this weekend. It'll be hella show! let's go!
by 4realazitgits March 18, 2021
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A pair of sunglasses that are clearly made to only be worn while playing baseball
*JL is driving and wearing sporty sunglasses*
“Damn dude, JL is rocking the outfields and he’s not even on the field”
by urbansplatt July 27, 2019
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When someone “plays the field” so much that they could cover al three positions in the outfield.
Sara: You two have been seeing each other for a long time. You’re not exclusive yet?
Elle: Nope, looks like he’s a perpetual outfielder.
by WinkyP November 15, 2019
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When a male jizzes and it shoots out away from them and then be for it hits the ground he catches it
Little Tim was a outfielder this morning
by australianpecan May 31, 2015
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