It’s like sexbut more intimate and meaningful. Not what you find in porn, not something you can fake and has a completely different feeling just sex. The feeling of wanting to equallywanting to please each other out of love.
Guy 1 : I feel no emotion or anything when I fucked Kate it was bland and un meaningful. It’s not love making
Guy 2 : she doesn’t know how to makelove. With my gf I can feel the love and emotion radiating off of her and it’s so intense like when she gets real close and looks me in the eyes.
by 4chanlover May 16, 2019
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When two people really into it and no one is being selfish. Both parties trying to please each other.
Ooooohhh, love making-baby hold me tight-pull me close to you, press our bodies together, let me caress you and suck ya tits
by Lover Girl1 May 7, 2008
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Its what the women does while a guy fucks her.
dude, i fucked my girlfriend in your bathroom. It was nasty, and she thought it was love making.
by jeven March 27, 2008
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When a sexy man tenderly makes sweet sweet love to a woman. They caresses each other gently and roughly. The passion of their tender love making creates music so sweet angels would cry.
Baby,when I get home from work, I'm gonna cook you dinner, rip your clothes off, smack that ass and begin the tender love making to you tonight. Tender fucking love.
by Antioniobanderas12 February 5, 2014
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Knocking the boots, spanking the monkey, much like these phrases it partakes to loud love making at it's finest.
Sorry I kept you up all night with my ruckus love making dude.
by KnockingTheBoots August 17, 2011
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What your ignorant mom thinks that girlfriends do all the time and is the reason why they're together.
"Lezlie, if you make Gaybriela mad, she will cut you off from your sweet lesbian love-making!"
by Francis Unicorn February 16, 2015
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(verb) When Jon and Sydney participate in the act of making love. Will start slow and smooth with licks and kisses. Leading to ruff, raw, uninhibited, caught in the moment of divine raw intercourse. This action of love must be done several times daily. Caution: Many babies can be made this way. Many, many, many pocket sized babies. Where will you put them? Outside to grow.
You can't handle one. Divine love making (raw sex) is just for Jon & Sydney.
by untitled2633 June 19, 2008
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