Same approach with a minimum of probabilities
Two people are talking for a while with out knowing each other, and then they fund out they were born in the same town or they went to the same High School.
When they become aware say: Get out of here!
by Joe November 29, 2004
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To leave an engagement, usually work, earlier than you should. To shirk your duties and leave your unfinished work in the care of others. To let down the team. To bail early.
"I saw Jessamine leave early! But these stories still need to be finished."

"Yeah, I guess she was Homeslicing it on out of here. I guess we have to finish that work."
by edtrickster June 28, 2012
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A phrase, usually combined with holding your hands out in front of you, palms in, fingers spread, as in holding on to giant titties.

Used to describe said ginormous knockers.
Dude I hooked up with this chick last night! She had tits out to here!
by rabblerouser69 August 29, 2010
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When the Boston tea party were rumbled by the british, whilst drinking tea. They were awful at improvising a term so decided to 'Teaspoon Leg it out of here'.
This can be used to get out of a situation of awkwardness.
Person 1: How did you get out of the sit with that arsehole Miles?
Person 2: I totally had to teaspoon leg it out of here
by BoosterGould January 3, 2015
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a charismatic way of saying let's go back to my place to fuck.
Guy: "So I think you wanna go home with me"
Girl: "Yeah, I think I do"
Guy: "Let's get out of here"
by Johnny Zealous December 29, 2011
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