1 Gram: the smallest amount of marijuana generally available
for purchase in the world of weed.

1/8th: 3.5 Grams

1/4th (Commonly referred to as a quad): 7 Grams (2 8ths)

Ounce: 4 quads. (28 Grams of marijuana)

1 Kilo: 2.2 Lbs. of marijuana.
16 Ounces in a pound. 2.2x16 = 35.2 Ounces
35.2 Ounces = 985.6 Grams of Marijuana
Rough Cost = A fucking rediculous amount of money
which I prefer not to think about.

A Lid: Generally mistaken to be exactly one ounce of
marijuana, a lid is actually just a large bag or
container of marijuana similar or comparable in
amount to an ounce.

Well, now you should pretty much know the terms used to describe verious amounts of marijuana. Standard prices should start with $15-20/gram, $50-60/8th, $100-115/quad, 300-360/ounce, and an absolutely sick amount of money that nobody should ever spend for a kilo. You want a kilo, you grow a kilo. You grow a kilo, you become my friend.

The End.

>>Hey man, you got any bud I can buy off you?
<<Yeah man, I can hook you up. How much you want?
>>This would be the point in the conversation when you let your dealer know the quantity of marijuana you would like to buy Ex. a gram, 2 grams, an 8th, a quad, an ounce, a kilo. The term lid is not commonly used to describe a precise amount of weed, so don't use this term for business.
by J.Dylan November 7, 2005
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28 grams of weed Usually around 60- 75 Bucks Or 2 for 100 (down in oklahoma anyways)
Yo me an my Boi Just bought an Ounce of dat Chronic Man we gonna be stonederd tonite. Dont steal my word either Bitches (stonederd)
by Babiboi May 7, 2004
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alot of weed. usually equal to a little over 2 quarter sacks depending on your local dealer. Cost varies, in TX it is 80 for indian red hair and 120 for blueberry dro. a quarter is 25 and a dime is a dime. ($10)
jack: Yo i just picked up an ounce of dro!
Jill: Ill grab the bong and you start packin that shit!
by Aaron .S. February 19, 2006
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28 grams of marijuana, $160-$200 canadian, pay any more and your getting ripped off
hey there junior high kids, wanna buy an ounce for $300?
by alex December 13, 2003
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a measurement of weight equal to 28 grams
often used in reference to drugs (especially marijuana)
how much an ounce of bud costs depends on who it is bought from, where it is bought, and what type it is. when buying drugs, there is not an amount of money that one is automaticly being "ripped off" at
by niko January 31, 2005
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28 grams of marijuana $100-$120 here in ct of some bangin ass nuggs or middies
yo lets go pick up a ounce for tonight
by shawn larowe May 12, 2007
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