Otto is a very good looking boy with a good charisma and not only does he look good, he’s also very smart and very good at sex, probably because he discovered masturbation at a young age but idk. Otto’s very good talking to girls and always loyal to his homies, he also has a 13 inches big dick.

Otto is taking school seriously while still trying to be as social as possible. Sometimes an Otto can get very stressed when many people wanna hang out with him, that’s because Otto is very loyal and only wants to be with his best friend but still don’t want to reject the other dudes because that’s just rude. When an Otto is stressed he can be very sad and feel lonely, he tends to stop being so active on social media.

Otto loves being out in the evening with friends just as much as he loves to cuddle and watch Netflix.

An Otto is a very unique dude that you really should hook up, cuz he’s really the best.
“Dude did you see how that girl went home with Otto just after a beer?
Yeah of course ! He’s Otto! “

“Damn I really love Otto, he’s so loyal and his dick is huge. He’s also very smart.”
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by AccurateJamal May 16, 2019
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An Otto is e name for any dog. This derives from an Otto called Otto, who is a red retriever.
That’s a good Otto over there. All ottos eat meat.
by Kentish Davidson May 29, 2020
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Otto is the proest man ever. He gets all the girls.
"OMG i wish i was otto" "He is so hot"
by SEXER/)&)&)¤"= April 07, 2021
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noun- one who hoes around; talks to several girls/guys while in a relationship
otto kissed two girls at the same time!” “you can’t trust an otto with your girl”
by whalemingo July 10, 2020
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