A very thicc guy who loves planes. We can pull any girl he wants and also likes to bomb children during his free time. He is occasionally into men (which makes sense cuz people are into his big ass) and loves giving handjobs.
"Dude was that an earthquake??"
"No bro, that was just Otto throwin it back"
by John Bork April 05, 2021
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Verb; to engage in coitus with the eye of a tornado. Ultimately putting it in its place. usually has a Tom Selleck mustache and eats bread and bologna for lunch, religiously.

Verb; to get the shit beat out of you for watching porn
eg.#1 "wow, I just ottoed"
"no wonder the storm ended abruptly"

eg.#2 "My mom caught me watching porn last night and gave me a stern otto."
by mrednigo August 20, 2009
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synonymous with one's lotto.

otto will hook you up when you're in a tight spot.

not restricted to dental coverage.
"see that bridge? 1200 bucks man, otto man, otto's my lotto."
by aristippus December 26, 2009
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A legit beast who bangs the girls and himself to make mils off of porn. he is also a gangster and gets that $$ for sex and weed also he enjoys hurting himself and others.
by iiiiiisex February 04, 2019
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