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A name that -
In Old English the meaning is:
Little wealthy one.

In Xhosa & Zulu the meaning is:

-(South African)-
*to bask in (both)
*to warm oneself (Zulu)
: to lie or relax happily in a bright and warm place : to enjoy the attention and good feelings expressed by others

In Tamil the meaning is:

' The F-Bomb '
Otha loves Extra Extra Buttery popcorn and cheesecake as his favorite snacks.

Valuing his siblings, nieces, and immediate family with the Bay Area the most; Otha Shamburger IV was defined for witnessing the value withi all of God's creative luxuries.

Duuda Blvk said to his siblings, V-Mac and Jazzy, "Our brother, Otha, is poop!"
by OHaaaaM 'OzH' YeGNOS December 26, 2018
A variant of Cyneburga/Cyneburg meaning "Royal Fortress" in Old English (Anglo-Saxon, Germanic).
"Cyne" or "Sham" meaning 'Royal'.
"Burga" or "Burger" meaning 'Fortress'.

Saint Cyneburga, a daughter of a king of Mercia, was the founder of an abbey at Gloucester in the 7th century.

Anglo Saxon: a member of the Germanic peoples conquering England in the fifth century a.d. and forming the ruling class until the Norman conquest.
Shanequia L. L. 'Shamburger' & Otha L. 'Shamburger' IV relationship mirrored the relative image of their younger siblings, Shanea 'Shamburger' and Jorden 'Shamburger', who they loved dearly.
by OHaaaaM 'OzH' YeGNOS December 26, 2018