1 definition by rahsuT riaN

Otha is an emotion rather than an just a tamil equivalent of the F word.

It can be used interchangeably with "Watha" which is literally the same word but with a 100 times more emotion.
Otha is an exclamation, a period, something that starts a sentence, can start a fight or even start a new bond.
This word must be embraced by everybody for the sheer beauty that it is.
Other forms of otha include : Watha, Ngotha, Gotha, Watha but the tongue also sticks out
Dude : "Watha who are you?"
Granny : "Eehhh, your grandma!"

Dude 1: "Otha I failed again bro."
Dude 2: "Me too bro!"
Dude 1:"Ngotha you da best da!"
by rahsuT riaN April 17, 2020