Ref. 'Otha'
A swear word used by almost all tamil people to express frustration or anger or joy (pretty much all emotion). Its super funny when pronounced as it is (along with 'deii'). It is suffice to say that this word is the tamil equivalent of 'fuck' in a way how the later word means with contrast to the speaker's emotion.
Dude 1: Bro wanna hear a joke?
Dude 2: sure da
Dude 1: A joke
Dude 2: Ngotha deii !!! Super funny da LMFAO !!! Funny maxx.
Dude 1: Hehh.

Dude 1: Boss look at that chick...
Dude 2: Ngotha deiii its a mannequin ffs
Dude 1: oh poor sight sorry
by Mighty cockroach March 20, 2019
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