crank, meth, or glass. otha otha otha sometimes also used to refer to crack.
You got some of that otha otha stuff?
by Harmony July 19, 2003
Noun. Something of importance, significance, or just plain wicked-coolness.
Dude, that movie was totally the otha daii; or, I have to finish this paper, it's definitely the otha daii.
by bisnatch05 March 22, 2009
Otha is a tamil word and also most commonly used in the Chennai City. It's usage is similar to the word "Fuck". Always used in the starting of the sentence.Native speakers pronounce it "thaaa..".Used to express our frustration. It can also be used in happy mood, this word is an all rounder type Some of the examples are
1) otha, kirukku koothi maari panadha da
2) otha, epdi iruka maamae
3) otha naa saava poran da punda
4) otha, sootha mooditu poda thooma
Otha ena da mayiru maari panirka.
by Regsinn March 2, 2021